New Big Content Search backend – Link Advisor PRO

Today we added fantastic new one-time-offers to Big Content Search. We’ve changed our Business Edition Course to Link Advisor PRO access with 200 credits. For downsell, instead of the Graphics Pack, there’s now an offer for Link Advisor PRO Exclusive Reports.

We’re incredibly happy to collaborate with Jacob from LAP and we hope we send him as much satisfied clients as possible!

And for you, affiliates, this only means even higher commissions and EPCs. There is no need to change any links or request any new products since everything works as it is.

Leaderboard for Big Content Search

We’ve just done a quick overview of this year’s sales and calculated affiliates’ EPC’s. And even we were surprised at how high the EPCs are for some affiliates!

The highest ranking affiliate brought in over $18,000 with just a bit over 4000 visitors, for a fantastic total EPC of $4.29.

Check out the leaderboard on the Big Content Search affiliate page.

Big News and Upcoming Launches

It’s been sometime since we posted the last blog post but much has changed. We’ve created a whole brand under which we’ll create many new products in the next few weeks and months. You can find information about these upcoming products on our new website Big IM Toolbox.

In the next few weeks though, you can expect a launch of our new WP plugins, WP Rewritely (aff info) and Big Content Search (aff info) launch 4.0 – with some great new features.

Stay tuned!