A quick update on the project

Yes, we’re still here and with some good news. We’ve been beta testing our app for the last few weeks and also received some feedback from out beta testers. All of it was very positive, with some smaller comments on a few suggested functions.

We’ll be doing the marketing action plan in the next week to get the details ready for the launch. We’ll also start writing content and finding affiliates. We’re also thinking we should do a big give-away which might bring us a lot of buzz.

Here’s a quick overview of the poll currently 5 beta testers took:

1. How do you rate the quality of the search function?

  • Fantastic, I always find what I’m looking for!
    – 40% (2 users)
  • Good, most of the times I find what I’m looking for.
    – 60% (3 users)
  • Bad, usually I can’t find what I’m looking for.

2. How do you rate the quality of articles?

  • Fantastic, these are very good PLR articles!
  • Good, most of the articles are very solid.
    – 100% (5 users)
  • Bad, most of the articles are bad.

3. How do you rate the ease of use and user friendlines

  • Great
    – 80% (4 users)
  • Good
    – 20% (1 user)
  • Bad

4. How much would you pay per month for this application?
Keep in mind the live version will have over 100.000 articles, a few thousand eBooks and over 1000 fresh articles each month. Additionally there will be some new functionalities like download cart (batch downloading), article spinner, saving RSS feed of searches, etc.

  • I would pay max 67$ per month
    – 20% (1 user)
  • I would pay max 37$ per month
    – 60% (3 users)
  • I would pay max $ per month, enter below
    – 20% (1 user)

    I would pay max USD (number only): 19.95 $

Of course the statistics are nowhere near representative but they’re still interesting – especially as 1 user stated they would be willing to pay 67$ per month. Which means we have a lot of room for price increases in the future if we go with lower launch price (and with it “locking in” the current users).

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the video of the beta app which was also used to lure in beta testers.

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