Affiliates, stop using Paid-To-Click sites!

We’ve been noticing increased traffic over the last few weeks but conversion rate dropping at the same time. It looks like some affiliates think that paid-to-click sites will actually bring sales. There’s only one thing visitors from paid-to-click want – and want to guess what’s that? It’s being PAID TO CLICK.

Looking at our stats there are quite a few optimists using PTC sites:

The second number is the time on site and the third is the bounce rate. Do I need to explain anything more? Do us both a favor and stop paying/exchanging useless traffic. It won’t bring a sale in a million years so better stop now. 😉

Want sales?

Use article marketing if you don’t have money to invest. Use real PPC – Bing, Google (and use prosper202 for tracking), banner advertising, etc. Go to Training page to get an idea what to do.

And if you need a tracking pixel, let us know and we’ll install it on the landing page.

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