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Still going strong!

It’s second day after launch and we’re still going strong! Affiliates are mailing and sales and still dripping in.

We’ve made some smaller tweaks on the landing page and fixed some errors but other than that, everything’s going smoothly.

If you haven’t yet, download an email swipe and send it to your list.

Conversions up to 5% and expected total EPCs of up to $3.2!

We’re into first day after launch and many visitors are still dripping from yesterday’s mailings. Just to give you an idea of how it went: one of the best affiliates had a 5% conversion rate and is expecting a $3.2 total EPC!

We know some affiliates still have a few emails to send and we’re looking forward to even better results. 🙂

Latest Mailing Stats from an Integration Partner

This was sent by one of our integration partners. The below results were done just by one mailing after the partner integrated Big Content Search into their product.

Sent Emails Clicks Earnings EPC
~9000 1358 $1614.41 $1.19

The partner is very satisfied with the results and is planning integrating Big Content Search into their other products.

Take a look at our current integrations on our Integration Opportunities page.

A Great Year Behind Us

Year 2012 was good for Big Content Search. We’ve increased revenue over 70% and more than doubled our profit. We’ve made some great partnerships which will continue into the new year.

Unfortunately we’ve also been suspended from Google AdWords as they do not allow advertising of PLR articles since December.

In any case, we have some great things planned for 2013 and we hope you’ll be with us to make them happen.

We wish you a successful 2013!